Individuals scoreboard

COUNTY Armagh Snooker League officials would like to remind clubs to complete outstanding fixtures as soon as possible.

Results from the Gary Adams Individuals preliminary-round programme are as follows: R.Hughes 2 A.Cherry 1, T.McConnell 0 N.Robinson 2, R.Stock 2 G.Allen 2, A.Atkinson 1 R.Armstrong 2, K.White 0 D.Hawthorne 2.

Gary Adams Individuals first-round fixtures and results: R.Asokan/S.Wells v R.Hughes, N.Robinson v G.Gillow/J.Nicholl, R.Stock v R.Armstrong, D.Hawthorne v J.Crozier, D.Emerson 2 K.McCamon 0, J.Cully 0 N.Meredith 2, A.Agnew v J.Hawthorne, P.Greenlee v L.Emerson.