It’s tight at Tandragee

GOLF WEEK four of the Ulster Carpets-sponsored Johnston Shield featured David Beattie and Paul McCullough in the weekly prizes at Tandragee.

A score of 32 points placed the pairing in first place across the 12 holes.

David Cunningham and William Small matched the winning score but finished down across the six-hole countback.

Richard Quinn and Paul Headley posted 30 points, with 15 across the back six.

STEPHEN Burns and Joe Campbell have maintained a position at the head of the Johnston Shield qualifying table with 32 points last weekend for 129 overall and an official 98 tally.

The following four pairings hold 92 points: Stuart Paul and John Haffey (120 points), Peter Crosby and Gerald Mullen (117 points), Paul Mallon and Gary Mallon (117 points) and Stephen McGarry and John McLean (120 points).

John Lindsay and Martin Duffy (117 points), Tony Graham and Michael Lyons (114) and James Brannigan and Dessie Edgar (116) all sit on 91 points.

Colin Rooney and Vic Brownlee (115), David Love and Colin Harney (115) and Paul McCullough and David Beattie (115) have each posted 90 points.