Aerial picture shows how Killicomaine has changed in 50 years

The aerial view of Killicomaine school
The aerial view of Killicomaine school

What a difference half-a-century makes – as shown by this aerial picture of Killicomaine Junior High (then Intermediate) School.

It was taken in 1965 during the planning of the new city of Craigavon and was one of a series commissioned by the then Craigavon Development Commission, headquartered at Bachelor’s Walk and given the task of leading the new city project.

The Killicomaine school was rather isolated in those days prior to the Dickson Plan – notice that Upper Ramone Park had not been built at that stage. Kilicomaine Baptist sat beside Holmes’ Quarry (right side of the picture) and much of the land was still given over 
to farming.

The Government Training Centre and Craigavon Senior High School are not in the picture of 1965, although Seagoe Park is up there in the right hand corner, and is still as well-kept as ever.

David Reilly was principal of Kilicomaine I.S. and its twin across the town (Clounagh) was not long built (David Watson was in 
charge there) and now they ‘feed’ pupils to the senior highs under the 
Dickson Plan.

Changed times indeed…