Looking on the Harp Side in town bars

Ciaran Mulholland, Conor Hamill and Mark Smith
Ciaran Mulholland, Conor Hamill and Mark Smith

The ‘Earn Your Wings’ sampling promotion, which launched in September, took place in Portadown last Saturday as part of the ‘Look on the Harp Side’ campaign.

Customers in McKeever’s, Bennetts and McConville’s were invited to take part in a pub game which rewards Harp fans who demonstrate their viewpoint on life.

Harp Lager marked the extension of the ‘Earn Your Wings’ rewards programme for Christmas with an unusual celebratory festive sculpture which was unveiled in Belfast last week – a pair of giant wings made from ice.

The eight foot tall wings were commissioned by Harp to champion Northern Ireland’s optimistic way of seeing things and to embrace the chill - as news reports predict Northern Ireland is set for its coldest winter in years.

Lisa Ronayne, Harp Brand manager, said, “The wings symbol is fast becoming synonymous with Harp and our brand evangelist, the Harp Angel, so with the return of the Earn Your Wings programme to pubs across Northern Ireland for Christmas it seemed appropriate that we join forces again with a local craftsman to help recreate the Harp wings one more time.”

Lisa added, “Looking at the positive side of what could be a negative situation is something that the people of Northern Ireland can be commended for and the same positivity underpins Harp’s brand values. When we heard of the bitter weather conditions forecasted, we wanted to think of a fun way to make the most of it – creating wings from ice and giving away free cold pints of Harp was the perfect fit!”

The ice sculpture is the brand’s latest collaboration with local artists, following the creation of Northern Ireland’s first barley art earlier this year.