Richhill Library is saved from closure

Richhill Library has received another stay of execution.

An announcement from the Department of Culture, Arts and Leisure confirmed that the facility will remain open.

Myles McCormick, one of the campaigners to save the library, has warned against complacency.

He said, “The recent news about Richhill Library comes as a welcome relief to everyone involved in the campaign to keep it from closing.

“However, the efforts need to be continued to avoid this valuable asset coming under threat in the future, as the DCAL minster has outlined.

“Since the decision to give the library a stay of execution two years ago to facilitate a review of usage, a campaign group and library staff, including senior Libraries NI management team, have met periodically to seek ways of building on the service provided by the branch.

“We will continue to do so and monitor key performance indicators along the way. The sustainability of all libraries is now also being measured on events and activities as well as book issues, and we have proven that the library in the village is deserved. “

Mr McCormick praised library staff at the library as instrumental in keeping it open. “As a result of their hard work over the last few years, Richhill Library has been able to offer a number of varying events to keep the interest going.”