Action Cancer Big Bus rolls into Craigavon

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The Action Cancer Big Bus rolls into Craigavon this week thanks to the support of alocal publishing house.

As the publisher of two healthcare magazines, Belfast-based Profile Publishing is more than aware of the need for cancer screening and early diagnosis, so when Q Radio recently held a radiothon supporting cancer charities in the province, the company was only too delighted to make a donation of £1,000.

In return, Profile was given the use of the Action Cancer Big Bus for a day and decided to team up with Northern Pharmacies at Brownlow Health Centre in Legahory, Craigavon to provide both cancer screening and MOT health checks at the centre on Wednesday, September 26.

“At Profile, we are only too aware of how important the Action Cancer Big Bus is to both men and women across the Province,” said Profile Director, Maureen Delaney. “One in eight women in Northern Ireland will be diagnosed at some point with breast cancer. That’s a very frightening statistic, but early detection makes it a very treatable diagnosis and that is why we are delighted to be able to sponsor the bus for the day at Northern Pharmacies in Craigavon.”

Pharmacy manager, Martin McVeigh, is also delighted for the support that the bus will be able to offer his local patients.

“As Maureen says, one in eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer,” he said, ‘but by using the latest digital mammography technology, we are now able to see cancers that are only millimetres in size and before women have even developed symptoms or a lump.

“Action Cancer’s Big Bus offers this free screening service to women aged between 40 and 49 and 70+ every two years. The appointments last about ten minutes and the results are processed within three weeks. I would encourage any woman, who falls into this category, to take the opportunity to have a mammogram. It’s painless and well worth ten minutes for peace of mind.

“The bus will also be available for everyone over 16 to come along and have an MOT health check. Patients can have their blood pressure, cholesterol, blood glucose and body composition analysis including their BMI all checked in a 20-minute appointment. It’s a great way of giving your body the once-over and the test results are given on the day.

“Community pharmacy is increasingly becoming the first port of call for patients who have health concerns and Northern Pharmacies Ltd is delighted to be involved in this very worthwhile screening process.”

Anyone wishing to book an appointment can do so either by using the online booking service at or by calling Action Cancer on 028 9080 3344 and selecting option 1.