Adam’s brave bid to save toddler Bryan (3)

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A 25-year-old Waringstown man has described how he fought in vain to save the life of a toddler who had become ensnared in a blind cord.

Adam, who now works for Alana Interiors in Lurgan, had been working for a Portadown firm and while having lunch in his car at Goban St, he saw a man in his 20s running down the street. The man who was running for help was little Bryan’s older brother Sindatche.

Bryan Saba

Bryan Saba

He looked on as the man stopped an older couple and seemed to be gesturing that he wanted a phone. They “appeared to dismiss him”, and he kept on running.

Mr King, a former pupil at Lurgan Senior and Junior High Schools, opened his window, and could hear a female crying loudly inside a house.

He told the MAIL: “I was at first concerned about getting involved but I am thankful now that I put my heart before my brain. I went to see if there was anyone who needed help.

“I walked over the threshold but I was concerned that someone had been attacked,” he said. In the living room he found Bryan “motionless on the floor” with his little sister who was just eight years old.

“She was crying and very distraught,” he added. “It was clear she couldn’t speak English so I called an ambulance while the operator talked him through mouth-to-mouth resuscitation.

As the child’s aunt arrived and flew into a “hysterical” state, he attempted CPR and described the boy’s condition down the phone, before the ambulance crew arrived.

The former Kings Park PS pupil admitted that he was glad he didn’t freeze up and that adrenaline appeared to kick in to help him.

“I don’t want glory. I am just trying not to think too much about it,” said Adam, who is the son of Caroline and Peter King and has a younger brother Daniel.

Though the Sabas spoke little English Mrs Saba’s interpreter said: “For a long time she has wanted to meet Mr King.

“[She] just wants to say thank you for your help.”

The coroner at the inquest said: “Those comments I will echo, both for myself, and on behalf of the community.”