Almac announce £4.6m research partnership

Tom Moody.
Tom Moody.

Almac have announced another £4.6m research partnership with Queen’s University in the field of biocatalyst discovery and development.

The three-year project is backed with a £1.5m grant from Invest NI, part funded by the EU. The research will concentrate on finding and developing new synthetic routes in a wide field of pharmaceutical ingredients.

Biocatalysis is the application of enzymes that have the potential to lower the cost of chemical manufacture, simplify supply chain and produce significantly less waste than traditional methods. This investment will introduce faster and better methods of research into the field.

Head of Biocatalysis at Almac Group, Professor Tom Moody, said. “The biocatalyst is the future for scale-up chemistry as it provides efficient, clean and robust processes. The multi-million pound research and development investment demonstrates Almac’s continued commitment to biocatalysis.”

Jeremy Fitch, Invest NI’s Executive Director of Business Solutions commented, “Almac has a reputation for excellence in the international pharmaceutical sector and this latest investment will ensure that it remains in a competitive position and can continue to meet the needs of its global client base.”

The Almac Group serves over 600 companies globally within pharmaceutical and biotech sectors. It employs over 3,500 personnel.