Almac clinical trial for ovarian cancer

Stephen Barr
Stephen Barr

Almac Discovery has announced that it is to start its first clinical trial for ovarian cancer.

The announcement, which coincides with the start of Ovarian Cancer Month, involves the use of a proprietary novel therapeutic drug, ALM201, which is being developed for the initial indication of advanced ovarian cancer.

ALM201 has the potential to treat a number of different cancers and it is hoped that, in time, trials in other cancer indications will be possible.

The drug has the potential to work in a number of different ways including the ability to slow tumour growth by preventing blood vessel development and, depending on the results of the clinical trial, has the potential to be a breakthrough in personalising cancer treatment.

Almac’s Phase I clinical trials will determine a safe dose to treat patients with in further trials. The study also aims to confirm that the drug behaves in the way researchers expect it to from their laboratory studies.

Stephen Barr, president of Almac Discovery, said, “Almac Discovery has worked for a number of years on this project and we are delighted to be entering clinical trials.

“This is a significant step in tailoring patient therapy and we are excited to be involved in advancing human health in this way.”

If the clinical trial is successful it is thought the earliest the drug could be available would be 2022