Almac make expansion into Republic

Stephen Barr
Stephen Barr

The Almac Group has announced a multi-million pound expansion into the Republic of Ireland.

The Seagoe firm confirmed the acquisition of 100 per cent of shares belonging to Arran Chemicals, an independent company based in Athlone.

It is Almac’s first move into the Republic and with Arran’s 57 employees increases the company’s global workforce to over 4,000. The 45m³ site was acquired to meet increasing demand for the organic chemical manufacturing services currently operating from Seagoe and will serve as an extension and complement to existing capacity.

Located in County Roscommon, the existing Arran organisation specialises in the manufacture of products for the pharmaceutical, flavour/fragrance, personal care, and other specialised chemical and industrial applications.

Both companies have been working closely together on multiple projects over the past five years.

The bespoke facility offers a multi-purpose plant including extensive manufacturing capability and a development lab which strongly complement Almac Sciences global assets and marks a new chapter in Almac’s continuous growth.

Almac plans to invest further in the facility.

Dr Stephen Barr, managing director, Almac Sciences said, “This is a very exciting development for both Almac and Arran Chemicals. Based on our combined strength, scale and technology, we will be able to offer finished commercial products and partly processed pharmaceutical materials or intermediates using our current world leading Biocatalysis technology platform. As a result we will be much better positioned to address our global clients’ growing demands for this type of high quality, integrated and efficient service.”

Anthony Owens, Managing Director, Arran Chemical Company commented, “We are very pleased with this significant development which enables us to continue to deliver high quality products to our global customer base in addition to offering a broader range of solutions.

“This move builds on our established presence in the industry and we look forward to merging our expertise and experience with Almac’s undoubted success to match the increasing requirements of customers across the whole spectrum of the industry.”