Andrew Cornett Solo CD launch this Friday night

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Local gospel artist Andrew Cornett will be launching his debut solo CD this Friday night (November 25) in the Faith Mission camp centre, Mahon road, Portadown.

Andrew is a member of local folk and function band, Stonewall, as well as gospel trio, Kingdom Bound, and has recorded CDs with both groups in the past, but this is his first venture out on his own.

“I’ve always loved old hymns and gospel songs and I enjoy putting my own slant on them.

The CD is quite a wide range of song choices and styles but I think/hope(!) it works quite well and I’m pleased with how it’s all came together.”

The CD features tracks such as “Take your shoes off Moses” by the Stanley Brothers, “Glory glory” by Belfast song-writer Brian Houston and a couple of songs penned by Andrew himself.

The CD was recorded by Colin Elliott at Hillcrest Recordings just outside Portadown.

“Colin and I get on really well and it was a great experience recording the CD with him,” he said.

“We’re heading to the southern states of America together in April 2017 to do a bit of a tour around a number of churches and venues over there so I’m really looking forward to that as well.”

On the launch night Andrew will be joined by Zoe Robinson (who features on the CD), Kingdom Bound, Colin Elliott and Stonewall.

Andrew’s CD is available to buy from all Faith Mission bookshops.