Annagh residents angry at closure

Tandragee Road, road works start 27 July 2015. INLM3015-414
Tandragee Road, road works start 27 July 2015. INLM3015-414

Residents in Annagh say they will be faced with long diversions because of works being carried out at the Annagh Railway Bridge next week.

A resident who lives on the Tandragee side of the bridge is particularly annoyed because he claims pedestrians will not be permitted to walk under the bridge and access the town centre during the week-long scheme.

The man contacted the DRD but he said they directed him to Northern Ireland Railways. “It seems to be a bit draconian that they can’t allow pedestrians through,” he said.

“The shop is on the other side of the bridge from us and instead of having a two-minute walk to get a pint of milk we will have to travel two and a half miles.

“Surely they could have provided some sort of pedestrian walkway but no doubt that health and safety will be blamed for this.

“No vehicle access I can understand, but why not close it off and allow people to walk through so they can get to their local shop and to the town centre?”

The Portadown Times contacted Translink and a spokeswoman said she understood the bridge project was being carried out by the DRD.

She said it was her understanding pedestrian access would remain open.