Barking dogs top noise list

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Animal noise, mainly barking, was the most common noise complaint received by Craigavon Borough Council in 2013/2014, with 278 complaints.

The council received a total of 507 noise complaints, the third highest across the 26 councils.

Noise from music, televisions and parties accounted for 123 complaints and other neighbourhood noise for 69 complaints.

Other neighbourhood noise includes slamming doors, impact on stairs and screaming/shouting incidents.

The council issued seven noise abatement notices, two in relation to dog barking and five to loud music.

In one of the dog cases, a notice was served on Ms Leanne Lagan of Markville, Bleary. She entered a guilty plea at a hearing on September 2.

However, before imposing a punishment, the magistrate requested that council undertake further monitoring to determine if she had complied with the notice.

Environmental health officers undertook monitoring during this period and no further breaches were recorded.

Consequently, the magistrate gave Ms Lagan an absolute discharge on November 4 and awarded legal costs to the council of £150 plus £22 court costs.

Meanwhile, the dog licensing department carried out checks on 1,500 homes across the borough in a five-month period. As a result, around 250 dogs were licensed and 23 fixed penalty notices issued.