Beginning of the end as the last meeting is held in chamber

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Last Monday was the beginning of the end of Craigavon Borough Council, with the last meeting to be held in the existing council chamber.

Renovations are starting soon to convert the 26-seat chamber for the 41 members of the new ABC council which officially starts on April 1.

The January, February and March meetings of Craigavon will be held in the committee rooms of the Lakeview suite at the Civic Centre, with two tiers of seats for the 41 councillors in the renovated chamber.

Craigavon is likely to be the administrative centre of ABC; Armagh will house the Lord Mayor’s Department; and planning will be centred in Banbridge.

The meeting was recorded on video, and it saw controversy, with the proposed naming of the small park at West Street as ‘Prince George Park’ and a row over the Asher Bakery same sex marriage ‘Bert and Ernie’ cake.

Mayor Colin McCusker handed out commemorative ties and paper weights which stated ‘Craigavon Borough Council 1973-2015’. No new name has been decided for the new council, which has been unofficially coined ABC.