Mixed fortunes for pubs with openings and closings

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It’s closing time and opening time for famous Portadown pubs. Last drinks – at least for the time being – have been served at Edenderry’s Tavern Bar.

But imbibers could again be soon raising their glasses at Maguire’s In Thomas Street, which closed some years ago. And also in Thomas Street, the Queen’s Bar is up for lease.

The situation at The Tavern is symptomatic of the Edenderry area, where the new road lay-out has isolated the pub. When the new scheme was under construction, Adrian Branyan from the Tavern told the Portadown Times that trade was becoming more difficult as a result – and it has led to the ‘For Sale’ signs going up.

In the Times this week, Alderman Arnold Hatch has called for the former roundabout to be restored and a “sensible” scheme worked out for the area. “The complicated traffic lights set-up benefitting nobody, he added. “Not only are they causing traffic jams, but they are causing parking problems.”

The Maguire’s situation is tied in with the demise of the Thornton Trust, which led to several properties in town being taken over the banks. But it is understood that the building has changed hands and arrangements are being made to have it open and functioning as soon as possible.

It fits in with the £100,000 project to link Thomas Street with William Street, via the Millennium Court. As for the Queen’s Bar, it is also understood that the lease situation will soon be resolved.