Caesar’s a real cool cat!

Caesar takes a break. INPT-009
Caesar takes a break. INPT-009

Cat owner Nathan Grimley thought he was dreaming when he woke to find his kitten polishing off the remainder of his Coke - through a straw!

Nathan, who comes from Ashgrove Manor, had heard the cat slurping but could barely believe his ears or his eyes when he saw exactly what was going on.

The 10-week-old pedigree kitten, named Caesar, had the straw firmly in one paw and was happily sucking away at the Diet Coke, oblivious to the stir he had caused.

Said Nathan. “He had been watching me earlier on after I’d returned from the cinema with a McDonald’s and Coke and he’s obviously a quick learner at just 10 weeks.

“Like any other cat, he laps up his milk from a saucer or a bowl. But I had left a bit in the container, and he soon worked out how to have a slurp of Coke.”

Of course, Caesar isn’t your common or garden moggy. He’s a full-bred Maine Coon – they originate from the state of Maine, where they are the official state cat, and are famed for their intelligence, gentle personality and the fact that they are the largest domesticated breed of cat.

During the week, Nathan and Caesar live in his flat in Belfast where he is the area manager for BT. And at the weekends they travel back to Portadown where they enjoy spending a day or two at home, where their other cat Smudge (“a true moggy”) hasn’t copied Caesar’s party trick.

“We couldn’t believe it,” said Nathan’s mum Lisa. “We’re very proud of Caesar.”

Caesar is already becoming a bit of a local celebrity, with his exploits having earned him a mention on Cool FM and a story and picture in the Daily Mirror.

He also has a Twitter account - @Caesarslurp - and has racked up hundreds of ‘likes’ on his Facebook photos.

Nathan and Caesar would do well to follow in the paw prints of ‘Grumpy Cat’, an internet celebrity puss known for her grumpy expression.

Grumpy Cat’s popularity originated from a picture posted on a social news website, and she now has her own merchandise including books, mugs, cards and T-shirts which has earned her owner a tidy sum.