Call for parking zone at primary school


The principal of Tandragee PS has backed calls for a parking zone at the school.

Principal David McCollam said he agreed with Councillor Paul Barry that action is needed to ease congestion outside the school,

He said the school had held two meetings with various statutory agencies on the issue over the past four years but nothing significant had emerged from them.

Mr Berry said he had been contacted by residents about traffic jams at school times. “Local residents who live in developments along the Ballymore Road and parents have been greatly inconvenienced for many years,” he said.

“One local constituent told me recently that he had to wait several minutes until 18 cars passed him before he and several other cars could pass the school.”

The councillor wrote to the South Region Education Authority and, in a response, they said they had not received a parking zone request from the school, but that a health and safety officer would review and report back on concerns about the traffic flow problems.

Mr McCollam said the school would support any initiative that involves the safety of pupils.