Calls for gully to be repaired are ‘ignored’

Gully which has broken slat
Gully which has broken slat

Civil servants are ignoring local representatives during the Stormont hiaitus claims a veteran unionist councillor after pleas for action on a local issue have yet to be resolved.

Ulster Unionist Cllr Arnold Hatch claims requests for a broken gully to be urgently repaired are being ignored by civil servants.

Staff at the UUP office in Portadown requested that the gully at Watson St be repaired urgently but nothing has been done.

Also Ulster Unionist councillor Julie Flaherty said that despite it being reported to the department last week as a safety hazard, nothing has been done.

“The gap in the broken lid is large enough for an adult or a child’s foot to drop through the opening.

“This response time is unacceptable and local residents and churchgoers are at risk of injury if this gully is not replaced immediately.” Cllr Flaherty said.

On a regional level Alderman Hatch said: “This is symptomatic of the way elected members are being treated and ignored since the closing down of the Assembly at Stormont.

“Civil servants are running the country and many are treating elected members with contempt.

“I hope the new Secretary of State will take steps to rectify this disgraceful situation as soon as possible,” Alderman Hatch concluded.

The Department of Infrastructure was asked for a response but none was received at the time of going to press.