Chain of events leads to ticket for Mayor

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Lord Mayors enjoy no concessions when it comes to where they park their cars in public. And Councillor Darryn Causby of the new ABC council received his first-ever parking ticket this weekend.

But he’s not making a fuss about it. He has already paid the £45 fine and puts it down to experience. The mistake was as easy as ABC as he forgot about his Volvo C30 parked outside the party’s (DUP) office in Portadown’s Thomas Street.

“I usually park my car around the corner in the car park at my church (Portadown Elim),” said the Lord Mayor. “I thought an hour was plenty of time, parked the car in the street and headed for my desk.”

But he had such a heavy load of constituency work and letters to deal with, that he “clean forgot” about the car. “Two hours after I parked, it suddenly dawned upon me, I rushed out, and there was the ticket,” he said.

“Still, I am subject to the rules the same as anyone else. I happen to believe that the on-street parking is too tight. It should be two hours in three instead of one in two. But that isn’t the point – I’m paying it out of my own pocket.”

He added, “The new council was given powers over parking when we took over at the start of April. But that just applies to former DRD car parks like Magowan Buildings and Marley Street. The DRD keeps control of on-street parking.”