Chicken houses plan ‘go-ahead’


A plan for two broiler poultry houses, which will house 74,000 chickens at Sandymount Road, Richhill, has been recommended for approval.

There had been four letters of objection to the application by farmer John Allen, but Armagh, Banbridge and Craigavon Council’s planning committee said the proposal should go ahead.

It still requires final ratification by full council.

The main issues raised by the objectors included odour, noise, impact on wildlife, drainage and run-off, and the detrimental effect of the proposed laneway.

However, the council said the buildings would not be directly visible from the Sandymount Road or from houses in the vicinity of the site.

They said the nearest house was approximately 180 metres away. NIEA IPRI, the body responsible for the investigation of any noise or odour complaint, offered no objection.

Environmental health was also consulted and raised no concerns, provided vehicle movements on are restricted to the hours of 7am–10pm each day.

Among other conditions imposed was limiting the number of chickens to 74,000.