Christian churches unite in Easter Week


Holy Week services will be held in a number of churches across Portadown in a programme organised by Portadown Churches Together.

The Good Friday Cross Walk will take place from 11.15am to 12 noon and will involve members of the various churches. The starting point is the plaza at St Mark’s Church and the walk will proceed down the town and back to the plaza for a short service of thanksgiving.

In remembrance of the resurrection, a ‘tomb’ will be placed on the plaza outside St Mark’s church and will be guarded by Roman soldiers.

The Easter Morning Sunrise Service will be held on the plaza outside St Mark’s church at 6.30 am, where the Easter message will be given by Bishop Harold Millar. At the close of the service tea/coffee and light refreshments will be available.

It is hoped that this will be well attended as the representatives of all the local Christian churches come together.

The Easter Sunday Evening Service, which will be held in St Mark’s Church at 7pm, will be an evangelical one of thanksgiving and challenge. This is a global challenge that has come from the Billy Graham Association in USA called ‘Discover Hope’ and carries with it a CD entitled ‘The Cross’.

In it, Billy Graham, now a frail, elderly gentleman, issues a challenge to all Christ’s followers to open their eyes and view the cross in a different light - not as a piece of jewellery or an icon, but rather to see it in its ugliness and coarseness as it was being constructed and hear the pounding of the hammer as nails are driven into it.

Said a spokesperson, “It is a powerful presentation that hopefully not only touches the hearts of the Lord’s followers, but more importantly those who follow far off, or indeed find Christianity has nothing to offer them.”

The other services are:

Church of Ireland - Seagoe: 9am Easter Holy Communion; 10.30 am Confirmation and Holy Communion with Bishop Harold Millar.

St Mark’s: 9am Holy Communion; 10.30am Easter Family Service; 7pm The Billy Graham ‘Discover Hope’ United Service.

Roman Catholic - St John the Baptist: 8.30am Easter Mass; 11.30 am Easter Mass. St Patrick’s: 10 am Easter Mass.

Methodist - Edenderry Memorial:10.30am Easter Service. Thomas Street:11am Easter Service. Epworth: 11am Easter Service. Mahon:11.45 am Easter Service. Battlehill: 10am Easter Service.

Presbyterian - Armagh Road:11am Easter Service and 7pm Evening Service.