Christian family left ‘terrified’ by attack’

Grafitti on a house in Westland Road, Corcrain. INPT23-209.
Grafitti on a house in Westland Road, Corcrain. INPT23-209.

A Christian family who “work and pay their rent on time” have been left “terrified” by an attack on their home in the Corcrain estate.

The family’s house was one of four defaced with racist and sectarian graffiti in the early hours of Sunday night and Monday morning.

The Lord Mayor, Councillor Darryn Causby said he had been speaking to police who had visited the distraught family who were too scared to open their blinds.

He said, “It makes me sad. There appears to be an attempt to justify it by saying that people who are not from Northern Ireland are partying and wrecking but our own people are doing the same thing.

“There is no justification for it.”

Meanwhile, a woman who lives beside two of the houses targeted , believes the attack was a warning.

The single mother, who has lived in the estate for 27 years, said, “The people next door moved out and the house was empty. There were some other people came to look at it and I think word go out that they are foreigners, so the graffiti was like a warning.”

Of the four houses attacked in Westland Road, Ballybay Park and Drumilly Green, two were occupied.

Inspector Duncan McBain, Portadown Neighbourhood Policing Team, said, “Graffiti of this type only serves to intimidate, create fear and create divides.

“Neighbourhoods are built when people from all walks of life work together to build an all-inclusive community where issues and concerns are addressed through the appropriate channels and solutions sought on a partnership basis.”

Any information should be passed to police on 101.

We will continue to work to keep people safe through policing with the community.”