Comedy marks inaugural cross-community play

The cast preparing for their production.
The cast preparing for their production.

The best of Craigavon talent appear in an exciting new production of the popular Sam Cree comedy ‘The Mating Season’ performed by a new local drama group Building Bridges Community Arts Theatre.

The production features ten very talented cast members who will take to the stage in Lurgan Town Hall on the 9th and 10th May.

The group have come together to help target and eliminate the sectarian division that still exists in the area today by giving people of all ages the opportunity to come together and build positive community relations through the arts, particularly with music and drama.

The group are excited to take to the stage and show how this divide can be bridged and dealt with together.

Their first production, ‘The Mating Season’ was written by local comedy playwright, Sam Cree in 1969, but the group have given it a modern twist to attract a younger audience, as well as those who grew up with the hysterics of these comedies on stage.

A night of laughter and entertainment is guaranteed as an exciting cast bring the stage to life.

Join Sid Gillespie (played by Raymond Murray), a widowed bachelor who desperately wants the hand in marriage of his latest lady friend, Stella Morley (Marie Tiffney), much to the dismay of her daughter, Vanessa (played by Charlotte McClelland) and his cleaner, Mrs Jamieson (Susan McPeake).

Upon his proposal Stella agrees on one condition - that he ensures his two sons, Mervyn (Daniel May) and Robin (Andrew Mulholland) along with his brother-in-law, Fred (Adam McCaffrey) move out of the house.

In agreement, Sid contacts the current love interests of all three men in an attempt to marry them off.

Saucy Babs (played by Kirsty Fleming), Helga the German immigrant (Beth Reader) and Fred’s childhood sweetheart, Violet (Louise Welsby) provide the opportunity for a variety of things to go wrong. On meeting each of them, they take a certain shine to Sid which develops hilariously as they play unfolds.

So come along and support not only the local arts, but a group that are trying to make a real difference in our area by improving cross community relations.

Excitement, joy and frivolity are the order of the day at this performance which is not to be missed. Tickets are just £7, (£5 concessions) and are available from Print Business Supplies, Farrell’s newsagents in Lurgan and via the facebook page of Building Bridges Community Arts Theatre.