Commonwealth Day on Sunday

Community News
Community News

Sunday (June 7) is the date of Portadown’s Commonwealth Day parade when hundreds of members of uniformed organisations, officers and bands go on the march for annual church services.

The parades will assemble at Carleton Street (intermediates and juniors) and Hanover Street (seniors) at 2pm for a 2.20 march-off. The officer in charge is Brian Morrison.

The intermediates will lead the way, marching from Carleton Street for service at First Portadown Presbyterian Church.

Then come the juniors, from Carleton Street downtown to the main Bridge Street roundabout and back up for service at St Mark’s Church of Ireland.

The seniors march for Hanover Street in the footsteps of the juniors, but turning left in the town centre on the way back uptown for service at Thomas Street Methodist Church.

The order is as follows – JUNIORS - Edgarstown Accordion Band, followed by Rainbow Guides from Edenderry Presbyterian, Armagh Road, Bocombra and St Mark’s; Penguins and Squirrels from St Columba’s; Squirrels from Tandragee, Richhill, St Mark’s; Beavers from St Mark’s, Tandragee, Richhill and St Columba’s; and Dobbin and Seagoe GL and CG groups. Mavemacullen Accordion band, followed by Anchor Boys from Drumcree, Thomas Street, Armagh Road, Edenderry Pres., Edenderry Methodist; Cabin Boys from St Mark’s; and Anchor Boys from St Mark’s Charlemont, Tartaraghan and Annaghmore. Battlehill Pipe Band followed by GB Explores from Thomas Street, Charlemont/Cranagill, Epworth, Tartaraghan Pres., Edenderry Methodist and Drumcree. INTERMEDIATES (Brian Morrison in charge) – St Mark’s Silver Band, followed by Junior BB Sections from Armagh Road, Edenderry Meth., St Mark’s, Drumcree, Thomas Street, Tartaraghan, Charlemont, Annaghmore and Edenderry Pres. Portadown True Blues, followed by Brownies from Edenderry Pres., St Columba’s, Bocombra, Armagh Road, St Mark’s; Cub Scouts from Tandragee, St Mark’s, Richhill, St Columba’s, and Seagoe; CL Brigade and JTC and SS. Corcrain Flute Band, followed by GFS from St Columba’s, St Mark’s, Milltown and Tartaraghan. SENIORS (Paul Walker in charge) – Salvation Army Band followed by Guides (and Rangers) from Killicomaine, Armagh Road, St Mark’s, Edenderry Pres.; and Girls Brigade from Epworth, Edenderry Meth., Charlemont/Cranagill, Tartaraghan Pres., Thomas Street and Drumcree. Pride of the Birches Accordion, followed by Scouts from Tandragee, St Mark’s, Richhill, St Columba’s, Portadown District Explorer and Network Scouts; Dobbin Brigade groups, Seagoe Brigade groups; and St John Ambulance Cadets and Badgers. Portadown Defenders, followed by Boys Brigades from St Mark’s, Edenderry Pres, Armagh Road, Annaghmore, Drumcree, Edenderry Meth, Charlemont, Tartaraghan and Thomas Street.