Complaints as community centre party gets rowdy

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A complaint on noise after a recent party at Brownstown Community Centre is to be investigated by ABC Council.

Councillor Darryn Causby said he had received numerous complaints from residents in neighbouring housing developments.

They reported “shouting and screaming “ going on until after 3am in the morning.

He said, “The community centre has been there for 40 years and residents say they have never witnessed anything like it before.

“I have spoken personally to the council chief executive.”

A council spokesperson said the hirer applied to book the venue and also applied for a licence to consume alcohol as per normal procedure.

She added, “The majority of this party vacated the premises by 1.30am. However, the council would like to apologise to residents affected by the small number of people making noise after this time as they vacated the 

“We would like to assure residents that the complaint is being investigated with a view to improving service and, as far as we can, ensure that this does not happen again.”