Conservatives set to contest for Upper Bann

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The Conservative Party will be fielding a candidate in the Upper Bann Constituency.

He is Ian Nickels and he said, “My first recollection of British politics was “new” Labour under the leadership of Tony Blair. I remember the excitement and sense of anticipation of a new government, led by an energetic and youthful leader in Blair.

“The Conservatives at the time were a party in need of desperate reform. As a party they needed to break away from the ‘nasty party’ image they had created for themselves, while they just couldn’t move on from the Thatcher years.

“‘New’ labour continued to create the image as the party of both the working and middle class, finding the middle ground where both social compassion and economic strength met.

“The last few years have forced me to think about where on the political spectrum I could see myself. Historically the Conservatories have been the party of economic competence and Labour the party of social justice.

“However, the public today demand that political parties combine the two; this is where the Conservatives are winning the big political arguments.

“Although Northern Ireland holds devolved powers, the arguments are the same for NI Conservatives. As a Conservative I believe in the state being an empowering force, that helps grow business and the economy, while providing fairness for all through a sensible tax and welfare system, which is the pragmatic and socially just way of creating a prosperous society.

As we are approaching the election on May 5th, I am full of confidence and conviction that the NI Conservatives can offer a new and effective way of politics in Northern Ireland.

“It’s not that we forget the past, it’s just we don’t live in it.”