Council message as £1,600 litter fines handed out

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Community News

Over £1,600 of litter fines and court costs were dealt out at Craigavon Magistrates Court on Tuesday.

Fines were handed down to offenders while charges for failure to reply to council notices were adjourned until next month for some defendants present, as well as those who failed to appear.

“The court has sent out a strong message that littering is unacceptable,” commented Councillor Ronnie Harkness, chair of environmental services. “Council has held a strong zero tolerance approach to littering for years and continue to ensure that those who insist on blighting our borough by dropping their waste are caught and dealt with appropriately. It should also be noted that if you don’t reply to council notices they won’t just be forgotten – instead you can expect further fines.”

Those fined included James Raynolds of Ashgrove Manor, Portadown, who was observed throwing a cigarette butt from his car window at two locations in Portadown on February 12 2014 and March 29, 2014. He was fined £100 on each charge plus £113 costs and £15 offenders levy. Two further charges of failing to reply to notices from the council were adjourned.

Julie Ann Laverty of Granville Road, Portadown was observed throwing a cigarette butt on the ground from her car window at Thomas Street on March 28. She was fined £100 plus £113 costs and £15 offender’s levy. A charge of not replying to a council notice was adjourned.