Council reminder as levy on carrier bags is to increase

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Community News

Craigavon Borough Council’s Environmental Services Department is reminding residents that the DOE levy on carrier bags increase starts on Monday, January 19.

Retailers will then have to add a 5p levy to all carrier bags with a price of less than 20p whether single use or reusable.

The increase in price is to encourage shoppers to regularly reuse these carrier bags and not just dispose of them.

“Council has always been proactive in promoting and encouraging people to stop using plastic bags and switch to reusable bags instead.

“Plastic bags are still, without doubt, one of our biggest environmental problems, which is why campaigns such as the reusable bag giveaway are so important.

“We have given away 10,000 bags over 6 years with the most recent just before Christmas.

“The response we get from the public is always good and I hope people continue to use the bags on a regular basis when they do their shopping” said chair of environmental services committee, Councillor Ronnie Harkness.

The new legislation will allow retailers to continue to offer bags for life and where people do use this type of reusable bag responsibly they will not be penalised.

Consumers will still have to pay the levy when they first purchase each bag if it has a price below 20p.

For more information on the carrier bag levy, visit or telephone 0300 200 7879.