Councillor calls for checks

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An assessment of all council-owned slipways in the borough has been called for following the tragic accident in Buncrana.

Cusher DUP Councillor Gareth Wilson made the request at Monday evening’s meeting of ABC council, saying that he wanted to ensure all slipways are safe.

He said, “I was given an assurance by the chief executive that this assessment would be carried out as it would be unthinkable that such a thing could occur here in the borough.

“My thoughts and prayers are with the grieving family members who have lost loved ones in this horrific incident and I would urge everyone using slipway facilities at lakes or rivers to exercise great care.”

Just over a year ago, the council promised to look at safety at Shillington’s Quay after Tartaraghan pensioner Evelyn Millar survived an accident in which her car also entered the water.

At the time, Mrs Millar said she would like to see safety measures put in place at the slipway. A council spokesperson said this would be done once the riverside project was completed.