Councillor calls for Ombudsman to investigate police over 11th night trouble

THE Police Ombudsman has been asked to investigate the police’s handling of the violence in Craigwell Avenue and Obins Street.

Sinn Féin Councillor Paul Duffy has contacted the Ombudsman following an attack on homes by loyalists which sparked clashes between nationalists and police.

He said, “A number of residents have expressed their concern and frustration to me about the verbal and physical treatment they received from a number of PSNI officers following the attacks by masked loyalists.”

Mr Duffy explained that residents of Craigwell Avenue and Obins Street came out of their homes to defend their property and neighbours following the attack by the masked mob.

“When the police arrived on the scene the local residents claim that a number of the police officers treated them as if they were the perpetrators, rather than victims of this sectarian onslaught.”

“The attack was traumatic for the residents of Craigwell Avenue and surrounding streets.

“Those loyalists responsible need to be charged with hate crime offences and the office of the Police Ombudsman has to ensure that the protection and the policing delivered to victims of crimes like this is of the highest professional standards.”