Couple’s home targeted after they returned from dream wedding

Katy and David with their son Danny at Friday's wedding in England. Photo by Ric Latham/Mercury Press.
Katy and David with their son Danny at Friday's wedding in England. Photo by Ric Latham/Mercury Press.

Sick burglars have targeted the home of a terminally ill Portadown man and his new wife just hours after they returned from their dream wedding.

Less than 24 hours after arriving back in Portadown, David and Katy Smith had their car damaged in a ‘hit and run’ incident, after which they discovered there had been an attempted burglary at their home.

Katy has branded the culprits as “scum bags” and said the incidents had put a damper on what had been a wonderful weekend.

The couple had married last Friday in Katy’s home town of Rochdale in England to fulfil one of David’s dying wishes. The 34-year-old has a brain tumour and, following two operations, has been told there is nothing more the surgeons can do for him.

Katy and David, along with their son Danny (4), had arrived home around 8.30 on Tuesday night and on Wednesday morning, after leaving Danny to school, they went into town for less than an hour to do some shopping and go to the bank.

Said Katy, “We were parked in Edward Street and outside the First Trust Bank in Market Street. When we got back, someone had bashed into the car and left big dents and scrapes on the bumper.”

But there was an even bigger shock awaiting them when they returned to their home in the Park Road area and found that someone had attempted to prise open the front door.

The culprits were unable to get into the house but the door was damaged. Said Katy, “I feel shocked and upset and David is fuming. He wishes he had been here at the time.”

The couple, who drive a black Vauxhall Insignia, are appealing to anyone who witnessed either of the incidents to contact police.

Meanwhile, both Katy and David say they had a “fantastic” wedding. “It was a happy day. We were laughing and smiling the whole time and David managed to stand all the way through,” added Katy.

David admits to feeling exhausted after the celebrations - “trying to keep my balance was hard” - but he is happy that he has created more wonderful memories for his son.

He is looking forward to Christmas which, he says, is probably the last one he will have with Danny and Katy, and yet again wants to make it one to remember, especially for Danny, who is looking forward to Santa coming.

David has thanked everyone who donated to Go Fund Me, to help with the cost of the wedding. Around £2,500 was donated, leaving the couple with around £2,000 to pay themselves.

They have also thanked the charity, Gift of a Wedding, which was able to fund, through donations from local businesses, part of the celebrations for the ‘big day’.