Craigavon family ask why gangsters are still free

Defiant...Tony Conway outside his house which was attacked at the weekend. INLM03-210.
Defiant...Tony Conway outside his house which was attacked at the weekend. INLM03-210.

A Craigavon man, whose family have been shot at and terrorised by a criminal gang, has asked why justice has not been done.

Describing a litany of terrifying incidents over the past month, Tony Conway said the lives of his family had been turned upside down.

Having fallen foul of these criminals, due to no fault of his own, Mr Conway refused to pay the gangsters. His family has subsequently been threatened and attacked.

A vendetta of vicious violence ensued which led to the Conway family home being smashed up, armed and masked men threatening them and shots fired at another relative’s home.

Mr Conway said: “I have been threatened at knife point, attacked by a gang of thugs wielding weapons of all descriptions, my home has been seriously damaged in a violent attack which resulted in my windows being broken and property burned.

“My wife has had to witness and endure several terrifying ordeals one of which would have resulted in my serious injury and possible death had the culprits been able to gain forced entry to my home.

“Another close relative, who is unassuming and totally non-violent, has had shots fired through his window in an attempt to have me silenced and withdraw witness statements that I have made against these people.”

He said in one incident last week up to 15 masked men armed with sticks, knives, hammers and axes came to his home.

“Picture this: Your family members cry and cower with fear as you try to fight this group off whilst shards of glass shoot in all directions,” he said.

“Hands come through the glass door to try to get to the inside door key so they can gain entry, you fight them off with a piece of pipe. You can’t see too well because glass is in your eyes, blood drips from your face from the tiny nicks caused by the glass.

“They scream all sorts of threats, ‘we will burn you out, petrol bomb your house, we will kill you and your family’. Then they run off into the darkness.”

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