Cree comedy at Town Hall

No one does Sam Cree plays like Portadown’s Gateway Theatre Group, so much so that the playwright wrote ‘Sink or Slim’ with them in mind having seen them perform.

Tonight (Friday) and tomorrow (Saturday) the group will perform one of his funniest productions, ‘Separate Beds’, in Portadown Town Hall Theatre. Once again director Millie O’Kasilli has put together an experienced cast.

Arthur Marshall’s (Nigel Dawson) daughter Judy (Hannah Leckey) is planning her wedding to Alan Rea (Jamie Douglas), helped by lively housekeeper Ivy (Elaine Hanvey) who keeps an eye on his drinks cabinet.

Arthur has employed a talkative housepainter Andy Crawford (Graham Fenton) to repaint the bungalow in good time for the wedding. However Andy, who is awaiting the birth of his seventh child is having difficulty concentrating on his work. The situation is further complicated by the return of estranged actress wife Clare (Emear Thompson) for the wedding. She returns to find an amorous next door neighbour with designs on Arthur and the household in total chaos.

Add to the mix the groom’s strait-laced mother (Margaret Burke) and a forgetful vicar (Lawrence Cinnamond) and you have all the ingredients for another riotous comedy.

Ticket can be bought from Winnie’s Newsagents in Woodhouse Street or from the box office on the night.