Co Armagh computer expert warns of hacking attempt

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A warning has been issued about scammers trying to hijack computer data from Co Armagh residents.

Tandragee computer expert Jeremy Platt said an attempt was made by a hacker to take control of his computer this morning (Thursday).

Mr Platt said he knew immediately the caller, purporting to be from BT, was a scammer but decided to play along to see how far he would go.

The IT expert said the caller claimed his BT broadband would be switched off in six days and he could help thwart this.

“I knew it was a scam as I am not even with BT,” said Mr Platt.

“I thought, well I will see how far this will go,” he said.

Mr Platt explained that the caller requested he press various keys on his computer and directed him to a website which offers users the ability to connect remotely to another computer.

He added that this was a legitimate site and there are many such sites used for business purposes on the web.

“If he had been able to remotely access my computer, I could have been hacked,” said Mr Platt.

He added that while the man had an Indian accent, he was calling from a UK mainland number.

He reported the call to Action Fraud and the PSNI who said they would in turn report it to the National Crime Bureau.

“I am computer savvy but I am concerned that those who may not be may fall for this con,” he added.

“I would urge people to be very careful about allowing anyone to have remote access to your computer.