Driver doing ‘whacky races’ arrested by PSNI

PD Jonny who helped search a car involved in what police described as the 'Whacky Races'
PD Jonny who helped search a car involved in what police described as the 'Whacky Races'

Police pursuing a car doing the ‘whacky races’ through a Co Armagh town arrested two people.

The blue Hyundai 4x4 was seen driving with no lights in Lurgan.

When the PSNI followed with their blues and twos, the car made off down the wrong side of the Portadown Road.

A chase followed through vedarious parts of Craigavon and Lurgan where it was finally stopped at the back of Lurgan Police Station in Wellington Street.

PSNI Craigavon said: “Last night Saturday) shortly after 1am you may have seen whacky races Lurgan.

“A blue Hyundai 4x4 decided that a great idea was to drive with no lights on. When it did so in front of us, getting the inevitable blue disco light signal to stop, made off down the wrong side of Portadown Road. Wrong move.

“Unfortunately for the driver, E section and D section play quite well together, and after a tour of the roundabouts and back, he finally found that the parked cars on Wellington St didn’t allow for his car to pass a police car coming the other way.

“Both driver and passenger also discovered that driving like that will get you removed from the vehicle fairly robustly.

“They were arrested for offences including failing to stop for police, dangerous driving and drugs possession. One was further arrested for more drugs possession once in custody.

“There were undoubtedly witnesses to this driving, and if you were on Millennium Way/Edward St around 120am (where you may have seen us in our Land Rover trying to stop it and being temporarily left in the dust!) or then Portadown Road, Tullygally East Road, Brownlow Road, Lake Road, Portadown Road, Millennium Way, Edward St, Shankill St, Charles St, William St, town centre, Castle Lane and finally Wellington St; and if you either witnessed a blue Hyundai driving dangerously, with no lights, at speed, or on the wrong side of the road, best still if you have dash cam footage of it, we’d love to hear from you.

“The incident number is 112 of yesterday (Sunday) date, 30/12/18. Please get in touch if you can assist.

“Also a shout out to PD Jonno (pictured behind the wheel!) and his Da who came to help thoroughly search the vehicle and find...more drugs!

“Finally, if you live on Wellington St and were quick enough with the camera phones to capture the high fives and handshakes when we finally got them stopped, please tag us when you post the videos.”