Elderly woman left shaken by intruder

An elderly woman was left shaken after a suspect male entered her home in Lurgan and spent 15 minutes there.

Thursday, 4th July 2019, 6:11 pm

According to police the man only left when the lady’s son asked him to go

Details of the incident, which happened on Sunday, June 2, have just been released. It happened in the Taghnevan Drive/Downshire Avenue area at approximately 10:30pm.

A PSNI spokesperson said: “Police have received a concerning report of a male having entered the property of an elderly female and spent around 15 minutes in the house. He then left when the son asked him to leave.

“This male is described as medium build, quite tall, fair hair wearing dark coloured clothing. Described as having a Belfast accent and approximately 50 years old.

“Thankfully there was nothing stolen and the lady was not injured. As you can imagine she was very shook up and frightened after this incident.

“Please be aware of your own personal security and be careful of those who call at your home late in the evening. Especially when you are not expecting anyone. If in doubt do not open the door.

“If you witnessed this or have any information please contact Police on 101 and quote serial number 1226 of 03/07/19.”