Hand yourself in or else, PSNI warn defibrillator vandals

Defibrillator stolen from Lurgan store
Defibrillator stolen from Lurgan store

The vandals who destroyed a life-saving defibrillator have been urged to hand themselves into police or face public exposure.

The device was vandalised two weeks ago outside the Spar in William St Lurgan.

Police have vowed to publish ‘beautifully clear’ images of the culprits on social media if they don’t come forward.

In a Facebook message to the vandals, PSNI Craigavon said: “We were clear at the time that we wouldn’t rest until we’d either exhausted all our leads, or got the suspects charged to court. Defibs are life saving devices. They’re not toys, they’re not to be abused, and those responsible cannot and should not expect this to go ignored.

“We’ve checked CCTV, we’ve got our eyes on the prizes and we’ve now circulated the images internally to see if we can get them ID’d.

“Those of you who are proper groupies will be aware that the internal circulation is the final step before an Op Exposure image goes public, posted on this very page.

“SO- clear message time for the two guys involved in this: We have your faces. The CCTV is beautifully clear,” said the post adding that the pair have one week until Wednesday November 15 to hand themselves in.

If they don’t the police vowed to publish their faces as part of Op Exposure at 9am the following morning. The reference number is 430 of 22/10/17.

“Personally, I wouldn’t want to be the guy appearing publicly in an appeal about life saving equipment being damaged,” said PSNI Craigavon.