Heartbroken mum of murder victim Natasha Melendez says she is ‘not ready to not hear your laughter again’

The mother of murder victim Natasha Melendez said she wishes she could tell her daughter she loves her ‘one more time’.

Tuesday, 7th April 2020, 3:10 pm

Natasha, who had lived for several years in the Craigavon area, was brutally attacked on March 22 in Lisburn and died of her injuries on April 1.

The 32 year old mother of four was from Venezuala originally but had lived in Florida before coming to Ireland several years ago.

Her heartbroken mum, who plans to take her daughter’s ashes home to Venezuala, is devastated.

Natasha Melendez

Maria said: “It’s never easy to say goodbye to a child, nevertheless a child that was so fearless.

“My life with you was an adventure, a challenge and never boring. I never stopped worrying about you and your future. Always with new ideas for him and the people arround you.

“You wanted to love and be loved deeply and you loved your children with all your heart. There was no room for boredom with you, you were fun and eloquent, and you also had extraordinary skills for your passions.

“You always wanted the hardest task, the hardest horse to train and you wouldn’t stop until you made it. When others would’ve quit, there was you, it seemed that you where nailed to the saddle, I only saw you fall a few times and those times you fell was because the horse fell as well. Like your life, you where clinging to it over a spirited mounted horse.

Natasha Melendez

“You where easily bored, I believe you needed constant challenges. One day I asked you Natasha more children? Now I realize the blessing that it is to have a little piece of you in every one of them, I am forever grateful for that legacy.

“Being here in Ireland is so difficult without you, I came to Ireland initially because of you, the streets, the sky, everything reminds me of you.

“You picked a beautiful place to leave, but I will bring you home like you wanted. I find it incredible that all of these days have been sunny and bright, something not usual for Ireland. Today is a perfect sunny day, you would’ve been making up plans, you wanted us to feel happy about coming to Ireland to visit you, but you didn’t need to do anything special my child, I think I never said it but you didn’t have to do anything I just let you be. I wish I would’ve said more I love yous...

“Now I realize you where right about many things, but I’m not ready to let you go, I’m not ready to never hear your laughter, stories and ideas again.

Natasha Melendez

“I love you and miss you deeply.”

A close family friend said Natasha just loved horses and the ocean. “They gave her happiness and satisfaction. They gave her peace.

“She loved food. She loved to laugh, I think she was the most stubborn being I knew but loyal to her convictions. She lived life her way no matter what others thought.

“She loved her children madly.

Natasha Melendez

“Her favorite color was green and her favorite flower was rose. She was a beloved daughter and a loved sister.”

Detectives from the PSNI’s Major Investigation Team have launched a murder enquiry following the death of a 32 year old woman who died in hospital following a serious assault at a property in Lisburn on March 22.

Detective Chief Inspector Michelle Shaw, from the MIT, said: “Natasha Melendez, formerly from Venezuela, was subject to a serious assault last month and was being treated in hospital for her injuries. Sadly she has now died and my thoughts are with her parents and wider family circle.

“A 30 year old man and a 23 year old woman who were arrested in connection with her death have been released pending further investigation.

“I would appeal to anyone who saw or heard anything suspicious in the Finch Gardens area of Lisburn on March 22 to contact police on 101,” said the PSNI.