Leaving friend home

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Even though he had been drinking a 32-year-old man decided to leave a friend home.

James McConnell, Princess Way, Portadown, was fined £350 last Friday at Craigavon Magistrates Court for driving with excess alcohol in his breath on July 10 this year. He was also banned for 12 months and ordered to pay a £15 offender’s levy.

The court heard that at 1.40am police noticed a vehicle being driven in an erratic manner in Princess Way.

McConnell was driving and there was a smell of alcohol on his breath and his speech was slurred.

After failing a roadside test an evidential test gave a reading of 108. His solicitor said it was an exceptionally high reading. He added that his client had been drinking with a friend and foolishly took the car to drop him home. The solicitor said McConnell did have issues with alcohol.