Lough Neagh Rescue gets funding boost

Lough Neagh Rescue crew
Lough Neagh Rescue crew

Lough Neagh Rescue has been awarded £4,560 in funding from the Department of Justice, it has been announced.

Justice Minister, David Ford, has announced an increase in Executive funding available to voluntary organisations providing search and rescue services.

The funding available has now doubled from the £46,000 previously available.

Six other voluntary organisations also benefited from funding.

David Ford said: “Search and rescue services play a significant, potentially life-saving role each year across Northern Ireland. I want to thank all the voluntary groups for the important work that they undertake. The commitment and dedication shown by volunteers 365 days a year is vital in supporting the work of the statutory agencies. I am impressed at the strong level of partnership and cooperation.

“I am, therefore, pleased to announce that my Department will double the overall funding, to over £90,000, to help these organisations continue their work.

“While the financial contribution that I have announced today will go some way to assisting these teams they will continue to need the support of the wider community in their fundraising activities.”

The Department of Justice assumed policy responsibility for land and inland water search and rescue (SAR) in Northern Ireland in 2011.