Man bought revolver at market but didn’t know if it was real


A thirty-three year old man from Portadown purchased a revolver at Nutt’s Corner market, but didn’t know if it was real or not, a magistrates court has heard.

Tomas Mejeris of Ulsterville Park, was detained by police on the evening of February 19 after they observed him breach a traffic sign in Dungannon town centre.

During a bail application at Dungannon Magistrates Court, in which the accused appeared by video-link, a detective constable explained after being stopped and spoken to, further enquiries revealed Mejeris was a disqualified driver and had taken the car without the owners consent.

The vehicle was searched an officer recovered the revolver under the driver’s seat, which contained five rounds.

Whilst in custody Mejeris claimed to be going through personal difficulties with his wife and was also involved with another woman.

On the night in question, he stated he had a row with his girlfriend and took her car to drive to his marital home.

On arrival he recovered the gun which he had hidden in the oil tank, then drove off. It was shortly after this he was detected by police.

The revolver was examined and the rounds were found to be blanks. The weapon itself had been live, then deactivated, but at some point it had been reactived and was capable of live fire.

The detective said police were opposed to bail on the grounds Mejeris may cause harm to himself or others.

A defence barrister told the court his client has now reconciled with his wife and she was present for the hearing. He stated Mejeris bought the revolver was at Nutt’s Corner market, “not knowing if it worked or not.”

District Judge John Meehan enquired, “How did he intend to find out?”

On being unable to answer this, the defence said Mejeris could be admitted to bail to reside with his wife, and would willingly abuse by any terms imposed.

Judge Meehan accepted bail could be granted in the sum of £500 and with a cash surety of £500.

He must also be electronically tagged and observe a curfew from 9pm to 7am.

The case is due back in court on April 8.