‘More needs to be done on vandalism’

Lord Mayor Darryn Causby, pictured at Hoy's Meadow.
Lord Mayor Darryn Causby, pictured at Hoy's Meadow.

The ABC Council is doing its best, vandals are doing their worst, and government agencies are doing precious little…

That’s how Lord Mayor Darryn Causby feels as he views his pet project – the improvements of Hoy’s Meadow on which the council has spent £40,000 to clean up the fishing stations at the Bann, “unweed the decorative pool”, provide signage, light up the underpass beneath Northway, erect fencing and generally clean up the area.

Said Mr Causby, “Council staff have done a tremendous job, but the approach to the meadow from Watson Street tells the tale.

“As well as all that work, we have sand-blasted the old pillars that pointed the way to the old train station, and we plan further enhancement work.

“On the approach, we have cut the grass and have done all we can,” said the Lord Mayor.

“But vandals have torn down fencing, and the government agencies have totally neglected the bank that leads up to Northway – there is giant hogweed growing in perfusion,” he said.

“The attractive sign just in front of the underpass has been ripped away and is nowhere to be found,” said the DUP councillor.

The Lord Mayor has appealed to vandals to leave the area alone, and is contacting the government “to carry out their responsibilities over what could be a tourist attraction - if properly respected”.

The councillor added, “We have tried all we can to stop it being an attraction for outdoor drinkers, and also call on the PSNI to keep a watch on the area.”

If you have any information regarding vandalism in the area, please call the PSNI on the non-emergency number 101