O’Dowd refers video of policeman appearing to drop bullets to Police Ombudsman

Sinn Fein MLA John O’Dowd has referred a video, appearing to show a police officer dropping a magazine clip, to the Police Ombudsman.

The video was taken at the railway lines in Lurgan after a pedestrian died after being hit by a train last Thursday night.

It appears to show a police officer walking along William Street towards a security cordon at the railway crossing.

The officer bends to get underneath the cordon and something appears to drop. The officer picks it up and bystanders shout after him that he ‘can’t leave those bullets there’.

The officer returns and picks something else up from the ground.

Mr O’Dowd said he had referred the video, which he said appears to show the officer dropping a ‘magazine from a weapon’ on a street in Lurgan to the Police Ombudsman’s office.

The MLA said: “The video, which first appeared on social media, shows police at a cordon in Lurgan on the 18th of October following a tragedy on the railway lines.

“The officer in question is seen on patrol when he drops what appears to be a magazine clip from a rifle.

“He picks it up but is called back by young people to pick up what they claim are bullets left on the road.

“I have asked the Police Ombudsman to investigate to ensure the full facts are known and to ensure if public safety was put at risk that it doesn’t happen again.”