Police appeal as burglars steal cash and jewellery

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Two houses were burgled in Hamiltonsbawn and Gilford over the weekend.

Shortly after 9.30pm on Saturday night, a couple returned to their home in the Breezemount area of Drumorgan in Hamiltonsbawn to find their property had been ransacked and jewellery and cash stolen.

It is believed entry was gained through a window between 4.45pm and 9.15pm.

Meanwhile. a house in the Riverside area of Gilford was also burgled after entry was gained through a window. It’s believed the crime took place some time between 12 noon and 11.55pm.

It has not been established what, if anything, was taken.

Chief Inspector David Nixon said, “We are appealing for anyone who witnessed any of the incidents, or anyone with information, to contact police.

“Being a good neighbour is one of the best deterrents, as criminals and thieves can’t operate if they know their every move is being watched.”