PSNI rescue baby bird from Lurgan police station

PSNI rescue a little bird
PSNI rescue a little bird

Police in Lurgan have rescued a fledgling bird from the backyard of Lurgan Police station.

According to PSNI Craigavon’s Facebook page, the bird was discovered by civilian member of the canteen staff close to bins in the backyard.

Police said: “We took a few minutes break from keeping people safe on Friday morning to keep birds safe instead.

“Constable Finch here, a very young probationer, seemed to get lost from his mum and ended up dazed and confused around the bins in our back yard.

“Thankfully for him, he was found by ‘Lovely L’.

“Lovely L works in our canteen and can usually be found chasing us round the station, holding us at spatula point and demanding to know why all of the coffee mugs haven’t been returned.

“Apparently, “I thought you’d like the walk” is the wrong answer.

“Anyway, it seems that lovely L isn’t just a scary kitchen ogre, and actually has a heart, demanding that we look after Constable Finch.

“She even donated a slice of nutty bread to Finchy, which is the only free thing to ever have come out of Lurgan canteen. A momentous occasion.

“After a bit of climbing that would send our health and safety bosses into meltdown, Constable Finch was left in a warm spot away from ground predators near to where he was found by Lovely L.”