PSNI warns ‘club sex girl’ has been falsely identified

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The PSNI has hit out over a video which has been circulated over the internet which falsely identifies someone who was allegedly filmed having sex in a club.

The police’s Craigavon Facebook page said that the incident took place in an unnamed “local club”, and that a profile picture was shared alongside the video footage of it.

The PSNI said: “The girl who’s profile picture was screenshotted and sent along with the videos walked into Lurgan station today. I spoke to her myself. Having seen the videos, THIS IS A DIFFERENT GIRL.”

Police added she is “devastated,” “distressed” and that “whoever has started this has potentially ruined a girls life and should be ashamed of themselves”.

The message told people to delete the pictures and videos if they have been sent to them, and if anyone has passed them on to “make it right by setting the record straight”.

They added: “If you send videos like this it can only be for the embarrassment of those involved, and that becomes a communications offence.”