Shouting at his dog leads to arrest of suspected drunk driver


A man who was spotted shouting at his dog on Valentine’s Day was arrested for resisting arrest.

The man was seen shouting at his dog and police in the Charles St area of Lurgan.

He refused a breath test and was arrested and later charged for failing to provide a specimen, disorderly behaviour, obstructing police and resisting arrest.

The PSNI Craigavon said on Facebook: “Love was definitely not in the air on Charles Street yesterday. Similar to the story from thismorning, it involved a suspected drink driver! This guy was definitely not feeling the love on Valentines day, shouting at not just us, but his dog!

“Not taking kindly to being told to stop by our guys, he took it up a notch. Now for some, biting and swapping saliva on valentines day is a good thing. Not so much when it’s not voluntary. Suffice to say the biting and spitting didn’t go so well for him, and he will soon learn the message that refusing a breath test is treated the same as failing one.

“He was arrested and later charged for failing to provide, disorderly, obstructing police and resisting police. If convicted, he’ll lose his license.

“This arrest and charge were all due to a report from a member of the public who believed the driver was drunk. That person has potentially saved lives through one simple phone call, well done them!”