Woman bullied by girl into buying knives at ASDA car park

ASDA Portadown
ASDA Portadown

A ‘pushy and intimidating’ woman selling knives forced a woman to buy a packet so the seller would go away, say PSNI.

Police are searching for girl who had approached the older victim as she sat in her car at a Portadown supermarket

A PSNI spokesperson said: “Yesterday afternoon a older female was approached while sat in her car at the Asda, Portadown by another female who she did not know.

“This female was pushy and intimidating and was selling packets of knives. She would not take no for answer and one of our local residents was forced to buy the knives and had to hand over her own money to make this female go away.

“The ‘seller’ was approximately 25 years of age with short hair and was wearing dark clothes and spoke with a Southern Irish accent and accompanied by an older female who had dirty fair hair and was wearing a red coat.

“They both left in a dark colored vehicle.

“Did you see this interaction, can you remember either of the females described above or did anyone approach you in similar circumstances yesterday? please give us a call on 101 if you have any information. Reference number is 493 24/01/19.”