Delight and relief as College students collect GCSE results

Delighted with their results - Eve Lowry and Kayleigh McCluskey
Delighted with their results - Eve Lowry and Kayleigh McCluskey

The waiting was over this morning (Thursday) for GCSE students and their parents, with many Portadown College pupils choosing to go to the school to collect their results.

Among those celebrating top marks were Eve Lowry and Kayleigh McCluskey. Eve achieved nine A*s and one A while Kayleigh scored seven A*s and three As.

Said Eve, “I couldn’t believe it, I wasn’t expecting it.”

She is planning to do three sciences and maths and hopes to follow her dad, consultant anaesthetist Darrell Lowry, into medicine.

Kayleigh, who only managed four hours’ sleep last night, was at the school with dad Graeme for the doors opening at 9am.

She said, “I was hoping for good marks, but not expecting it.”

The Portadown girl is intending to study maths, chemistry, biology and RE at A-level and would like to become a paediatrician.

Sabrina Greenaway scored an unbeatable 10A*s and as a maths buff will study maths, further maths, chemistry and physics, and hopes to “do something with maths” in the future.

Other pupils who were more than happy this morning were Sarah Nelson (seven A*s, three As), who is also hoping to study maths, further maths, chemistry and physics.

Sarah Herron (six A*s and four As) is considering a career in law and intends to study religion, French, nutritional food science and music (she plans violin and piano).

She plans to celebrate with her family this evening by going out for a meal.

Matthew Vennard (10 A*s) will study three sciences and maths at A-level while Caleb Collins (six A*s and four A*s) is choosing three sciences and PE at A-level. He is a keen rugby player.

Both boys are as yet undecided about their future career paths.

Other students were delighted to have achieved that much needed, but often elusive, ‘C’ in maths and English.