Distribution of Christian booklets to 1.79 million homes in Ireland

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A Portadown based charity has been involved in distributing almost two million booklets to Ireland.

Since July 2012 Irish Evangelistic Band has been involved in distributing booklets through the Irish Post Office.

The booklet distributed is entitled ‘No Longer Hoping’, written by Mr Dick Keogh, from County Tipperary.

It tells the story of Dick’s personal journey to faith in Christ.

During April another 453 600 homes in Dublin will receive ‘No Longer Hoping’ booklets. This will complete the distribution of the booklets to every county in the Republic of Ireland to a total of 1.79 million homes.

To get the best price with the Post Office in Dublin it is more economical to post a minimum of half a million booklets at each distribution. Therefore, to make this distribution up to over half a million, 59 700 copies of another booklet, ‘Hope in a Troubled World’, also written by Dick Keogh, will be posted to homes in County Roscommon and part of County Mayo at the same time.

These homes received the ‘No Longer Hoping’ booklets in the previous distributions and this is a second booklet they will receive. Many people have already returned reply slips, which are part of the booklet, requesting Bibles and other literature.

It is the vision of Irish Evangelistic Band to continue the distribution of Hope in a Troubled World’ to homes in Ireland as God provides the resources for this project.